Monday, March 31, 2008

Does TOO Hurt

I just read 30 ways to manage diabetes, a diabetes forecast article that's been circulating, and I'm cool with numbers 2-30, but number one says that insulin injections come in tiny needles and don't hurt. Well, I beg to differ: does TOO hurt.
No, they don't hurt as much as being sick does and it's really not such a big deal but!
My body is sore. My body is bruised. My body is scarred. My body has endured shots into bruises. My body has endured my desperate searching for a spot with a pinch that doesn't already hurt. My body has endured over 2000 injections of insulin in a year and a half's time, and it has bruised hundreds of times.
I got warned, when I was new to this injection business, to rotate my sites, so that there'd be less scarring. I got warned that you could get in the habit of using one spot and then it'd scar fast. I got warned that I'd get happy spots that wouldn't get good absorption and wouldn't hurt. I got warned- but they were wrong.
I rotate sites because they HURT. I don't heal well, I guess.
The people who say that shots don't hurt? They don't speak for me. Mine hurt.

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Mike Lawson said...

SO TRUE. It hurts!

The tiny needles help it hurt less...but to call injecting painless is a lie.