Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tempermental Lantus And Diabetic Pixel Art

Last night: went to bed with a 101. Couldn't fall asleep. One hour later, 100. Woke up around eight with a blood sugar of 256.
Previous night: went to bed with insulin on board, blood sugar 167. Couldn't fall asleep. One hour later, 147. Didn't touch it. Woke up eight hours later at 245.
Two nights part: had been treating hypos, went to bed with a 62. Couldn't fall asleep. Forty minutes later, blood sugar 94, left it alone, woke up 293! Couldn't believe it; I didn't treat the hypo that aggresively! Rechecked, 287.

So, I think maybe the Lantus that took two weeks to get here in the mail is expiring extra fast. Today I'm taking 30 units of Lantus, I'm going to do a 4 AM blood sugar check, and if I go up up overnight, then...
I think I'm going to start taking 5 units of August's vial of Lantus every night whenever I happen to go to bed. That stuff acts more quickly than normal Lantus, slower than Novolog. I only have about 50 units of it left. We'll see what happens. If I end up having to take two doses of Lantus daily for three months, I'm going to need to either ask for a prescription for more syringes, or else reuse syringes. My current scrip is for two syringes daily.

On tudiabetes, I started the Diabetic Jews group, and didn't add a profile picture. Deciding it needed one to spruce it up, I did this pixel art: It's 50x50 pixels, although it could obviously get smaller (cut off the edges). It's supposed to be a star of David made out of syringes.


manny hernandez said...

Very clever icon, man.

Bad Decision Maker said...
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Bad Decision Maker said...

You might want to make sure you're not having nighttime lows with a rebound (smogyi effect) with significant highs like that after going to bed in a good place. Are you running high the rest of the day too? If not, a rebound high seems a possible culprit. I think a really high % of in control diabetics have nighttime lows, whether they wake up for them or not.

Either way, it's frustrating to start the day in the high 200s. Blah.