Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Patient Network, Stability

Do any of your doctors use the patient information network, and if so, do you keep the same patient number from visit to visit?
I went and had my blood drawn for the hemoglobin A1c last week. In January, I'd gotten a Patient Information Network number, had called it, and listened to the endo tell me how I was doing.
At this visit, he asked me if I still had the card with the number, I said yes, so he didn't give me a new number.
I tried calling the number, but no message is there for me.

My numbers some weeks have held stable all week long, staying between 45 and 150 for all of that week's testing. Other weeks, I've yo yoed all day everyday, and the week's range goes from 30- 300.

On Monday in class I tested my blood sugar and a classmate sitting next to me asked me if I had diabetes. When I said yes, she said that it runs in her family and she's really scared. It's type 2 diabetes that runs in her family, so I told her she could just inhale insulin if she ever needs to.

Today and yesterday ran towards lows. Today's numbers were: 90 (heading to bed past midnight), 72 (getting up in the morning), 61 (between classes, too tired to climb stairs), 85 (forty minutes later, PE class), 54 (too dizzy to stand on the moving bus), 60 (late afternoon), 59 (suppertime), 87(right now- bedtime maybe). I ate two meals, breakfast and supper, but did a lot of snacking during the day. Perhaps tommorow I will take less Lantus.

A few months ago I wrote here that I couldn't imagine joining the 5% club, getting my A1c below 6%. With the numbers I run these days, I think that the 5% club is in reach.

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<6% is possible.
Dr Bernstein has Type 1 himself and has helped many people of both types normalize their blood sugar. Parts of his book are available online for free.