Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blood Draw and Port Scrip

This morning I went in to get my blood redrawn, as it turned out that what happened with the last blood draw was that my blood got lost. Yeah, lost. Who woulda thunk it?

I got stuck in my left arm, needle in, I look away, wow this doesn't hurt too bad. And he says Does this hurt?
And I say, a little.
And then I look and see the needle going out and in again, groping for an elusive vein.
What do you want me to do? he asks. Other arm, I say, as it starts to hurt, other arm!
It has a better vein, I tell him, pleadingly.
He takes the needle out, I take out my other arm, right arm.
The other arm's vein is more visible.
Aren't you going to use a new needle? I ask.
No, it didn't get any blood, he answers, but then he accidentally touches the needle to the table.
Well, now I need a sterile needle after all, he says.
New needle in, OUCH OUCH OUCH. Needle out, in, out in out in out in, yes! Blood coming, slow, but coming. I go HUMMMMMMMMMM the pain pain pain pain. All done.
Two stiff arms.

Now I ask for a prescription for I-PORT(tm), and he says he can do that. I give him the sheet I've written of information on the Ports, and I go wait in the waiting room, after ten minutes I get the scrip: 10 units, 6mm ports, renewable twice. So that means that A: he thinks that 6mm is more appropriate for me than 9mm. I put the info for both on the sheet because 6mm is for skinny people and 9mm is for everybody else and I'm kind of a perfect weight that isn't really skinny but sometimes when people say skinny they mean below average and average is bordering on overweight.
B: that he prescribed about a fourth of the number of PORTs I meant to ask for. Oh well, if I like them, then I'll ask for more.

I'm just kind of tired of shots, hoping that this will make things a little bit better. A little scared of the 27 gauge needle though. I will let you know how the ports go when I get them.

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