Friday, May 18, 2007

Meter Inaccuracies

The results of my blood draw are back, with good news and bad news.

Good news: HbA1c, reference range less than 5.9%, I got a 6.3%! YES!
My previous A1c, in January, was 6.5%, and the two before that were in the week after diagnosis and were above 16%.

Bad News: My accu-chek read 109 and the actual blood sugar was 88. YOWCH. I lost my old meter and have been using a new one for about three weeks, and this new one does seem to have been giving me a lot of high readings, but YOWCH, that's more inaccurate than it is allowed to be for sure! Since I have three meters left, two Accu-Chek Avivas, and a One Touch Ultra 2, I'm switching to my other Accu-Chek. The one I lost was distinguished by a hexagram I made on the back out of test strips, and the one I started using this morning, I put a # symbol on the back of, out of test strips. The meter that was so inaccurate is not getting anything on the back of it.


Maniacally Monday said...

I have the same issue with my meters. it makes me more than a bit insane. with all the things that science can do, i often wonder at how inaccurate meters can be and yet how critical they are supposed to be to keeping ourselves healthy. I don't have anything really useful to say, more or less just commenting to say that I get equally frustrated.

Bernard said...


Have you looked at the WaveSense Keynote? They claim it's very accurate. I posted a video of me using it on YouTube. I only tried it for a while so I could review it on my blog, but I really liked it.

I just came across your blog today. I'll add it to my blogroll. When were you first diagnosed?

Have you looked at It's a useful site for people with diabetes. As more folks join (it's free) it's getting more informative.