Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Again Insurance

My new  plan went into affect Monday, but I didn't get an insurance card in the mail. I went to talk to the guy at work in charge of getting us all insured and all that, and found that our insurance cards wouldn't be out for a while, because our enrollments weren't in the system. We could use our old insurance cards, and after the new insurance was in the computer, we would get either a refund or a bill for the difference between what old insurance and new insurance covers.

That means, I can't go to the pharmacy, have them fill a prescription using my card, and find out how much I'm paying for anything! Or find out if my new insurance (an HMO) is even going to pay for any prescriptions written back when I was on the PPO.

Is this legal?

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Steven Keltsch said...

Jonah, thank you for sharing your story about the healthcare troubles you're facing. As someone who is very familiar with diabetes, I'd like to thank you for spreading the awareness that you do on this blog. This is a very widespread problem in our modern society and there need to be more like yourself who are helping fix the issue.

Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.