Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last night my sensor failed and I didn't put in a new one.
This morning, I went to see the hand surgeon. I was really nervous about it, and was very jumpy and flappy. I checked my blood sugar prior to the appointment and it was 207; I took half a unit.

The doctor said that it was a ganglion cyst. He was able to transilluminate it. He also says I have a much smaller one on the other wrist. And we're going to just leave those cysts alone unless they either grow a lot or start hurting more (right now the big one hurts somewhat if I move the wrist in various ways).

After the appointment, I walked three quarters of a mile to the bus stop, waited around, took a bus I hadn't taken before. Checked my blood sugar after twenty minutes on the bus. 492. Rechecked. 438. Looked at my site. It looked fine. Checked that I had bolused for breakfast. I had. Bolused 7 units (twice the pump recommendation- I have my ISFs set at 80 to 100 depending on time of day). They went through. When I got home, 50 minutes later, I washed my hands and checked again. 330.

Next week I am participating in a research study that I don't really understand yet. It involves type 1 diabetes, heart disease, and a sleep study. When I asked if they would be telling me some of the heart risk results, they said no because those won't be computed until the end of the study. However, they will be doing an A1c and CBC that they'll be sharing with me. So! I'm having an A1c next week! Hope today's excursion doesn't show up too much.

Numbers like 207 don't tend to surprise me. They just happen. Numbers like 492, OTOH... it's been a long time since I saw a reading so high. And the only cause I can see for it (other than diabetes, of course) is anxiety.

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