Sunday, January 04, 2015

Just Life

1. My brother Globe is in the hospital. He's been extremely sick since October 20th. He cannot walk or eat without lots of help; he can't talk (or sign or nod his head) at all.
P.S. I started this post yesterday. Today he said "mama" once.

2. So who cares about my diabetes anyways?

3. I haven't really carb counted in forever. I'm really sick of pumping. When I called MM about a really bad sensor that failed rapidly, I got chewed out for not calibrating often enough and also for wearing my sensors in locations other than the belly. I tried a belly sensor. It wasn't accurate either. I'm not gonna reorder sensors or pump supplies. I'm contemplating not using sensors at all but I guess I'll go back to dexcom.

4. I think I've only seen my endo twice this year. Only one A1c reading. But then, with lots of sensor wear, who cares about my A1c?

5. My new insurance has not paid for ANYTHING yet. Not even my insulin. WTF? I'm wondering if I got signed up for something other than the plan I thought I picked.

6. I have a lump on my left wrist that's probably just a ganglion cyst, but I have an appointment with a hand surgeon because I want to be sure that it's a ganglion cyst. It's been there since September and it's growing.

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Anonymous said...

what's causing your brother to be sick ?