Monday, November 04, 2013

Some risk factors for type 1 diabetes already present at birth:

- Family history of type 1 diabetes. Children with a parent or sibling with type 1 diabetes have a risk that's at least 4 times the risk of those without an immediate family member with diabetes, and depending on which family member and ethnic group, the risk may be more than 20 times as high.

- Genetic markers for type 1 diabetes - those with protective genes will not get type 1 diabetes. 

- Being born in a high risk country. The children of immigrants to high risk countries, who are born in those countries, have a higher type 1 diabetes risk than their foreign born siblings.

- Having a high birthweight. Babies that weigh more than 4500 grams (almost 10 pounds) at birth have about double the risk of developing childhood onset type 1 diabetes as compared to babies born weighing 2000 grams.

- Being firstborn. People without older siblings are about 10% more likely to develop type 1 diabetes (or at least, childhood onset type 1 diabetes).

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