Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Diabetics Have Children, but not as many of them

Various large population studies in Europe have shown that people with type 1 diabetes have, at least historically, gone on to have fewer children than non-diabetics. As some adults with type 1 diabetes have told me, some of the reasons include their own poor health (feeling unable to deal with pregnancy and/or uncertain about being around and able to raise a child), doctor recommendations, fear of passing on diabetes (or causing birth defects to the child if the mother is diabetic), and infertility. 

Nonetheless, many people with type 1 diabetes have gone and had children.

The Finnish study of type 1 diabetics' says they have between 2/3 and 3/4ths as many children as non-diabetics, and that the difference is smaller for younger folks. 

This smallish German study showed less than half as many children being born to the type 1 diabetic parents. 

This study on pregnant women showed that the diabetic women (type 1 and type 2) had tried to get pregnant for a longer time period before getting pregnant as compared to the nondiabetic women:

This Swedish study found that type 1 diabetic women had 4/5ths as many children as non-diabetic women BUT that if they looked only at women diagnosed after 1985 who did not have complications (and how many such women were there, I want to know?), then there was no reduction in number of children.

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