Friday, November 09, 2012

Methods of Glycosolated HbA1c Detection

There are six different methods for measuring glycosolated HbA1c percentages.  Two methods rely on electrical conduction- they use the fact that glycated HbA1c has less charge than non-glycated HbA1c.
There is an immunoassay method that uses antibodies to a part of the glycated HbA1c- when measuring this way, the test looks at antibody attacks, and it looks at total HbA1c levels, and does a calculation that way. Boronic acid reacts differently to glycosolated HbA1c and so that can be used too. Spectrometers can actually really and truly look and measure the glycosolation.

I am relying on one source more than I usually do for today's fact. That source is Unexpected Hemoglobin A1c Results, by Alina-Gabriela Sofronescu, Laurie M Williams, Dorinda M Andrews, and Yusheng Zhu.


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