Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Whine

I woke up this morning to find that...
1. My sensor had fallen out in the night. My fault because I didn't shave the area before inserting the sensor. I should know better. The sensor had been sort of sticking on to my hairs but not really to my skin. I had tried to stick it on more with bandaids but that didn't buy me as much time as I'd hoped. It being the sabbath, I didn't replace the sensor.
2. My blood sugar was 272. The sensor data shows me rising slowly and steadily until about 3 AM when my sensor stopped working and my sensor reading was 182. So I guess last night's Lantus didn't absorb well. Frankly, I don't think the 4mm needles are really great for injections in my butt, where I put the Lantus. They're really nice for when I was using a Novopen and injecting everywere with them but they cause more leak in my butt. I took six units and stayed home from synagogue because I didn't really want to do much with that kind of blood sugar.
3. My glasses had snapped in half (the nosepiece was where it broke). I had left them on the couch when I'd gone to bed and somebody (maybe even me) must've sat on them. Or maybe bounced on them, since the halves weren't all that close to each other. My optometrist works Sundays, happily, but I can't really see with them as they are because they don't stay the right distance from my eyes and I can't see much without them. I have the screen at 125% and I still can't see what I'm typing very clearly unless I put my head too close to the screen.

My blood sugar's been rough over passover, which I happily is over. The wine on the first night of passover woke up my pancreatitis, so I had a real struggle to eat much and my hypos were hard to treat and I kept bouncing high and low, except for a few days in which I was nothing but low.
My last three sensors have been subpar. The most recent one didn't stick on well. The one before that wasn't very accurate and I pulled it after a week. The one before that bled profusely, then went to ??? after less than a day, and left a really big lumpy painful bruise.

I didn't get new prescriptions at my last endo visit and have been using syringes at a rapid rate (5-6 per day in the last few weeks although the scrip says 3 per day). I'm about to be out and don't have any refill left on that prescription, so I'm going to need to either get the pharmacy get a refill, in which case I'll get another 3 boxes, or call and talk to the endo to ask for a new scrip for 5 per day. Which is such a small issue I don't know why I'm complaining.

I read a good book today, Locust, which was fittingly enough about Rocky Mountain Locust. It had nothing to do with diabetes.

I promise a less whiny post tomorrow, about normal people and blood sugar.

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