Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Nathan's Blog

My A1c was 6.6%. Not quite coincidentally, 6.6% is also my median A1c from the last 20 A1cs I've had, and it's the average (actually the average is 6.615%). That makes the winner of the Guess My A1c Contest (such as it was)... Nathan.

I've had a little difficulty in trying to figure out what to write about this blog because it is so many things. Here's a try. Check it out.

Nathan's blog is about his ideas and progressions around managing his diabetes (type 1 for twenty some years). He uses a low carb diet and a minimed pump with the minimed CGM system, and is continually trying new supplements and treatments (so far the mentioned ones include intermittant fasting, alpha lipoic acid, vitamins A and D, yerba mate, and more) to see if they make his blood sugar lower and flatter.
Nathan's blog (like most of ours) is also about his life and health generally. He is a high school art teacher and has three kids. In 2011 he developed atrial fibrillation.
Nathan's blog has links and summaries for ideas about diabetes that further his knowledge or are futuristic. Also two book reviews.
His blog is Edibles... The Diabetic Edition.

My favorite post that he has put up so far is an interview with his children.

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Nathan said...

Thanks for sharing my blog, Jonah! I always enjoy reading your posts and comments.