Friday, October 07, 2011

Forgive Me

Well, if I'm not supposed to write about... that... today, then there's another obvious thing to write about because today is erev Yom Kippur. I guess that Day of Atonement Eve in English, but that really doesn't sound the same to my ears. I've decided to spend the day at home praying this year to maximize my odds of a successful fast. I hope that's how it works out.

Anyways, one of the traditional things we Jews do at this time of year (well, actually, I'm a bit late- probably should have done this a couple weeks ago) is to try and find out if we've been offending anybody, if we have anything to apologize for (if?), and then to apologize. So, uh... it seems likely that I've offended somebody. I'm sorry. If there's anything I've been saying that's been secretly bugging you all year, let me know. You can leave a comment. You can even send me an email. For the next few weeks I will check email at twerpchicago at hotmail dot com (not my regular email address).

To all the Jews reading this, I hope you have a meaningful Yom Kippur, an easy fast, and a good year.

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