Monday, October 10, 2011

Dexcom Death Knell- A Story With Picture

I was sitting at my computer last night, when all of a sudden my Dexcom made a loud short high BEEP sound. I picked it up and pressed the buttons- no response.

picture of a Dexcom with a blank screen despite a thumb pressing on the buttons

I put it down, saddened. A couple of minutes later, the Dexcom produced two long very loud, low beeps, and shook as long as it beeped. It initialized and turned on.

It allowed me to look at data for a few minutes
Picture of Dexcom three hour view with previous few readings missing and an out of range signal

and then went to the shrill beep, the blank screen, and a couple of minutes later, initialized again.

I got the webcam set up in the expectation that this would happen again, but when the third five minute period went by, I instead got a shrill beep and then:

Dexcom displaying an err code

It would allow me to turn it on to view the error code, and that was all. I decided to hit the reset button to see what would happen. The reset button is on the back of the dexcom and you can reach it by inserting a stiff thin wire... or a needle.

It beeped when I hit the button in back with the needle, but other than that there was no immediate result. However, after a minute it initialized... but then went straight to the error screen:

err code 16R0F2D93C

After repeating this a couple of times, I gave up.

I tried it again in the morning, and this time, after initializing, it gave readings for about twenty minutes before showing the error screen briefly, and then became totally nonresponsive. I can't get it to turn on, to beep.... nothing.
I called in to order Dex The Fourth this morning.

This Dexcom died very much in a way similar to my first Dexcom, except that that one did the whole initializing, working for a while, then spontaneously initializing, for a week or two before dying.

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