Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yom Kipper.

This Yom Kippur I:
  • Spent a day in services praying, during which I felt connected to what I was saying.
  • Layned both the morning and evening readings and was congratulated on reading well by so many people that I think I believe them.
  • Read a book that helped my thoughts go where they ought to have (Mitch Albom's Have Little Faith)
  • Composed a poem/prayer, which I wrote down afterwards.
  • Fasted.
  • Talked to interesting people.
But unfortunately, this was my first fast day in which I ran more than trace ketones. I brought (or actually, gave the Rabbi on Friday to bring so that I'd have them on Saturday) urine ketone strips, foil wrapped. I used them in the synagogue and they changed to deep purple as soon as they touched the urine- fifteen seconds did nothing to the color. I didn't have the comparison chart but suspect that means very large urine ketones.
I'm pretty sure I know how I goofed- I meant to run high, but I ran too high. I lowered my Lantus dose too much , and I didn't correct as frequently as I should have. I think wearing the Dexcom exaggerated in my mind the risk of going low. I'm not sure exactly why I think that.
I also think I got the impression that I didn't get ketones easily from checking them a lot when I was a bit newer to diabetes and always having them negative, and that possibly the length of time that I've had diabetes makes me more likely to get ketones now.

Once I got the ketones, I wasn't even sure what to do, other than get more aggressive with my highs, and ended up still holding out to the end of the fast. I'm not sure where my ketone strips have gotten to now, but those ones were expired anyways. I'm going to go buy some new ones in the morning. My blood sugar came down, by the way, and I went hypo (47) around midnight. That's why I'm still awake to write this post.

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Vera said...

Sounds like a rough day, bloodsugar-wise. Don't you test your BS during Yom Kippur? I think there are urine strips available which not only show ketone, but sugar levels as well (of course, they are way delayed compared to BS measurements, something like 2 hours I would guess).