Wednesday, September 01, 2010


On Tuesday I came home expecting to find the Dexcom and instead found a note from Fedex that they'd come and nobody was home. My father and brother say that they didn't hear the bell ring.
Today I went to the Fedex place just after 8, and just after my package left. At noon I heard the door to the foyer open and close, but the bell didn't ring. When I went out to investigate, I found a big box, addressed to me. I opened the door and saw the Fedex truck leaving.
I got the receiver charged, and was pleasantly surprised after a couple of hours to find that all three bars were shaded when I unplugged it. With my mother's assistance, we inserted a sensor into my left arm. We had a lot of difficulty with clicking the transmitter into place, and with removing the latch. That said, the insertion was a gazillion times less painful than I remember Guardian sensor insertions being. And so far, the wearing of the sensor has not been really painful. Not painless, really, but so much less pain that it's comparatively painless.

I calibrated the Dexcom at 5 PM. Around 6 PM, when it showed my blood sugar as having dropped a hundred points, I checked my blood sugar again; my meter read 95 to Dexcom's 96. So I decided to go off the Dexcom for the rest of the evening; I'll check it again soon.

P.S. No sooner had I published this than I saw my first transmitter out of range. BOO! I only missed one reading, and it is back.

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