Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abdominal Agonies

I've been in abdominal pain of various levels of severity since Thursday evening, and it is now Wednesday morning. The pain has woken me up every night, I've spent over an hour each day (and more than six hours on some days) in the kind of agony that shuts out everything else, the rest of the time being in pain but not so bad that I can't walk or shelve or dress a loom or go to a museum.
I have not thrown up (though some weird gobs came up to my throat). The pain itself has sent my blood sugar up, as much as 300 points in under an hour. The abdominal pain doesn't seem to be caused by food, although eating sometimes makes it a little bit worse- but not eating doesn't help, I haven't thrown up, and it's been six days so I don't think it's the food.

This morning, after waking up in pain and spending an hour rolling, pacing, thrashing, rocking, etc, I asked my mother whether she thought I should see one of my usual doctors or a regular internist or a gastroenterologist, and she suggested my endocrinologist, so in four minutes, when his office opens, I intend to make an appointment for this morning, tommorow evening, or Friday. I've packed in case the visit results in a hospitalization (my mother the MD thinks it may be a gallbladder stone, and I keep wondering about appendicitis). I decided not to take the Lantus with me, but I labeled it in the fridge so that my parents will be able to locate it if I need them to.


Molly said...

Hope it was nothing serious.
Feel better.

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