Thursday, October 16, 2008


A box of four sensors arrived on Tuesday, the first day of sukkot. After some discussion with my mother, I decided that I would start up the Guardian and insert a sensor on the second day of sukkot, when the prohibitions have less weight, and are more a matter of tradition. So after sundown, I recharged the transmitter, which took forever, put a battery in the guardian, inserted a sensor (very bloody business), connected the transmitter (green light), hit new sensor. The Guardian claimed to be getting a signal, and all was fine for ten minutes. Then a funny thing happened. The time on the side of the graph started going forward really fast, and soon was way ahead of the time at the top of the graph. Then it went beep beep beep lost sensor. I hit new sensor. It was fine for a few minutes, repeat. And again. My mother said I should call minimed, despite the holiday. I did. Stayed on hold for a long time, thinking about how diabetes distances me from the Jewish people, which extra distance I surely don't need. Person on the phone said she had to talk to the senior technician about it, senior technician said any problem with the timekeeping was with the guardian itself rather than a sensor or transmitter. They sent me a new guardian, which arrived at 10 AM this morning, and said that if they don't get the old one back within 14 days, I'll be charged 3500 dollars. That dollar amount sounded fishy to me since I didn't pay that much for it to start with.

The new model at first glance was exactly like the old one. However, so far it seems to have two improvements. One is that it gets the signal every time, instead of a lot of wacky missed signals. The other is that it displays odd numbers- right now it says 265. The previous model would've either said 264 or 266, but not 265.

My blood sugar has been hideously out of control for two weeks. I'm at my wits' ends.

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Kate said...

Hi Jonah,

I'm so sorry you have had a lousy two weeks. Everything else seems so insignificant when your blood sugar levels are out of whack. Not to mention having major problems with expensive toys!

Take care of yourself,