Monday, June 02, 2008

Off Guard

It has been a bit over a week since I took out the sensor. My blood sugar has been not better or worse, really. The only real difference is that I feel rather uninclined to check my blood sugar.
One thing I learned from the Guardian is that I get much more acurate BG results if I wash my hands or feet, and so now if I don't want to wash my hands or feet, I don't want to check my blood sugar. And furthermore, my fingers and toes ache. They always ache. Checking my blood sugar a mere four times per day while on the Guardian was not a big enough decrease to allow my fingers to heal, or perhaps they are just very slow healers. In any case, I don't want to check my blood sugar.
Another thing the Guardian taught me is that my overnight blood sugars are not even vaguely linear. Not even three or four linear pieces. They go up and down and up and down and up and down and if I check my blood sugar an hour before and at bedtime, so what? That information no longer seems useful. My blood sugar takes a bumpy path all night long.
I am not super excited about wearing another sensor. Although my blood sugar was much better than average during the first week of sensor wear, it was not good the last week and I spent all night high despite the thing. I feel like my initial enthusiasm had more to do with it just being a good week.
One of the most frustrating thing about diabetes is that I have good weeks and bad weeks and I don't know why and the Guardian has demonstrated aptly that two nights in a row don't even tend to be as consistant as I'd thought. My nights are the most difficult. People talk about the pump allowing another basal, but that would do me no good because it is hard to predict which nights I'll go up; sometimes a night is just perfectly flat. All night long. And I didn't do anything different, it just happened that way!
The daytime isn't bad; the Guardian confirmed that I mostly don't have postprandial spikes and when I do, they're only by about 30 mg/dl. So not much of a big deal.
My meter average for this week is 113, and for the last 30 days is 117. My guess is that my A1c, when it gets tested in two weeks, will have dropped by at least half a point, back to the lower 6s. Maybe a little bit more. I am looking forward to finding out. I intend to also get screened for celiac again at that appointment.

I had some more teeth filled. I was half asleep through it again. The novocain really seems to make me drowsy, which is a known side effect that doens't happen to most people.

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