Sunday, June 08, 2008


The battery cover on Glukey wouldn't unscrew, and I was chipping it with trying with the coins. The rep said not to use a screwdriver. I called the helpline, they said to use a screwdriver because they could replace the battery cap if needed, for free, but would rather not have to replace the whole thing, which is what they'd need to do if if the battery wouldn't come out. The screwdriver was like magic.
I inserted a sensor around 10:00 this morning. It is working fine. During the warm up I got crazy ISIGs like 160 and 0.00, but now it's at 17.72, and my blood sugar is about 170 (I just checked). I put it low on my right arm and it hurts a lot. Last time, it hurt pretty intensely for the first two days but not much after that. Right now if I move my arm wrong it sends a shooting pain through me. Yowch. I put IV-3000 down with a hole in it for the sensor beneath the whole sensor-transmitter contraption, and then band-aided the transmitter down.

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