Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Man, I am having fun with my little glukey. Who else thinks that I'm euglycemic almost all the time? I love that! According to glukey, the highest any of my meals has peaked at so far is 176, and the rest of the meals peaked below 150. YES!
I've had the sensor in my arm for just short of seventy-two hours now, and have been getting readings for the past 60. The rep said that I could try extending sensor life past each 3 day increment if the ISIG was above 5; so far it hasn't been below 8.7, and that's only when I'm hypo. The accuracy so far has been pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty darn good.

Here is a list of things I wish I could do with Glukey. Some of them might be features I just haven't located yet.
1. I want to reset the graphic so that the top of the screen is 200 rather than 315, so that I can see the slope more dramatically. I have yet to see a reading on here of 200, let alone 300, and I think that having the graph show my actual range is not a ridiculous request.
2. Show me what I've imputted for my meals and insulin. That would be so useful!
3. Let me upload the info onto my computer with a USB port. I don't seem to have whatever sort of outlet it is that goes with the cable that came with the comlink software, and neither does my dad's computer. That's a real bummer. If any of you have advise on how to find a computer to look at my data on, that would be helpful.
4.I want to be able to scroll back and look at the window that showed up 3 hours ago under the 3 hour graph. I want the 5minute by 5minute view of what happened after I fell asleep, not the 10minute by 10minute version.
5. Louder alarms. My first night with the sensors, I woke up at 3AM to a LO SG alarm. My accu-chek aviva confirmed that my blood sugar was 52. Scrolling back however, I saw that at 1 AM, my blood sugar'd been 40. Glukey apparently alarmed then too, but I didn't wake up.

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Tell me which glucometer you like....


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