Monday, April 21, 2008

three Things I've Learned

I'm still fairly new; less than two years into diagnosis. But I'm a lot farther and I've moved beyond the basics. Here are some things I didn't even used to know were there to ask about.

1. Carbohydrates are not the only things that you can eat that will raise your blood sugar. It is common for protein to be converted to sugars and to them raise your blood sugar sometime after carbohydrates will. Having lentils and beans for supper might raise your blood sugar a few hours later (because of the protein).
In addition, some substances, such as caffeine, may give you insulin resistance.
And a minority of diabetics, including myself, experience dramatic rises in blood sugar after consuming some artificial sweeteners.

2. Your diabtes really and truly does vary. Even though somebody else has your same type of diabetes, xe definitely does not have your same body.

3. Your meters are not very accurate, even when they're consistant. That's a fact of diabetes life. You can improve the accuracy of your meter, but it will still be inaccurate.


My Guardian shipped today. It's still in California.

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