Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guardian Arrived

A little past noon, as I was getting ready to go to work and saying goodbye to my mother, the doorbell rang. I ran to buzz, then zoomed down the stairs, not quite colliding with a fedex dude. I started to ask him if it was my minimed guardian, then saw the minimed symbol and flourish on the box, and answered my own question. The fedex dude said he'd come with me for my mother to sign it, but I said I'd sign for it myself- my name on the box, wasn't it? I guess I'm still not looking my age. Nineteen and a half years old as of yesterday.

So I opened the box to look at the contents. There was a lot in there. Unfortunately, there were only four sensors. I was told that I'd be getting ten. I thought I must have figured wrong, but my mother said I should call Minimed, so I did. The customer service lady said that she knew that ten should've shipped with the Navigator, but that she wasn't sure about the guardian. She had me leave a voicemail for the same dude who I'd called more than a dozen times without reaching when I was figuring costs. I hope I get another six sensors. I already spent a goodly chunk of money and I was figuring on getting ten sensors. Not four!

Three other surprises in the box: I got ten things of IV3000, which I didn't know I was getting, and which suggests I was supposed to get ten sensors, 'cause a plain IV3000's not useful. I also got an operating manual that says it goes with the Navigator, which isn't what I got. I also got two batteries, which wasn't a very big surprise, though a nice one.

I was late for work.

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