Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bad Diabetes Day

Today was possibly my worst blood sugar day since diagnosis day.
I woke up with a blood sugar of 343, which is the third time I've woken up over 300 in the last seventeen months. I checked for urine ketones, which I think were negative (my vision wasn't so great).
I took some Novolog, some Lantus, skipped breakfast. Two and a half hours later, I realized I needed to get my butt out the door because I had a midterm to take very shortly. I took my blood sugar on the train, it was 54. I treated that with three packets of Domino's sugar. No, I don't know how many carbs that is.

My midterm was in a math class that I'm finding incredibly easy. My classmates, however, are not. In the quizzes we've had so far, the class average has been just over 50%, while I've made perfect scores. So, not a challenge. The test was in two parts, the first closed book and the second open notes (I didn't bother taking or using notes). The open book part I finished in about ten minutes, was the first to hand it in. I sat down and read a book while waiting for part II. I did not take out my meter, pricker, or sugar. I got part two and breezed through question one. Reading question two however, brought about the realization that my thinking was a little loopy; the question looked extremely difficult and I thought I might be hypo. I skipped question two and completed the rest of the test, then came back to two. Realized that the reason it looked difficult was probably a misprint. So I tried to walk over to the professor's desk. My gait was unsteady; I couldn't really gauge my distance from the ground. I'm sure I looked drunk. I asked him about the question and it was a misprint. So I finished that question, easy peasy, and turned in the test, first in the class to finish. My hands were shaking pretty badly. I went out of the room, sat down abruptly, fished in my pack for my meter, and tested. 33. Drank some sugar.

Later in the day I was very very hungry; I've eaten a ton today. I ate a lot last night too; I had gone to bed with a blood sugar of 203, but because I had active insulin and undigested food, I set my alarm for middle of the night and decided to sleep. The alarm didn't wake me, and I went high in the sky. My blood sugar today varied by an order of magnitude!

The rest of the day's reading were fairly uneventful. I talked in the class following to a classmate whose boyfriend's dad was recently hospitalized for hypoglycemia. I think I'm gonna bring in a glucagon and show her how it works and maybe even give it to her next week.

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Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your rollercoaster day. Those suck.