Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Accu-Chek Aviva Failure

Remember in August I got mad because my accu-chek meter gave some pretty inaccurate numbers, how I called the company and got a new accu-chek aviva and a new accu-chek compact?
Well, I've been using the accu-chek aviva and been pretty happy with it. Until... a month ago, it started giving me a low battery warning. Okay, whatever. I changed the battery. It kept giving me the warning. Whatever. On Friday, it refused to operate, beeping ERR and a picture of a battery. OK. I tried three new batteries, none of which worked. Used the sample strips sent to me with the accu-chek compact. Tried the aviva again, hopefully. ERR. Found one of my other accu-chek avivas, one that hadn't been real accurate, and I'm using it again.

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Chris said...

Sounds like accu-check has not been too good to you. Lifescan is giving away their OneTouch minis. I would think about giving that a try. Here is the link: