Monday, July 09, 2007


The first Chicago Diabetes Meet up of type 1 diabetes is gonna be happening on Sunday. I'm excited.
Chicago already has one support group in the near north suburbs, and it has a chapter of DESA.
I met with two Chicago area type 1 diabetics four or five months ago. Then I didn't contact them again because I felt embarrased for not mentioning that I'm trans, and especially embarrassed about it because one of them is blind. They told me that diabetes support groups are a bad idea. I asked them why, and they turned towards each other and laughed but didn't tell me.
Anyhow, I'm hoping this will be a pleasant meet-up. It's in a cafe, and I don't eat cafe food, but hopefully the cafe won't mind since I'll be with a group. So far, 6 of us have RSVP'd yes.
My numbers have been running high for the last week or so. The good part about that is that in the last ten days, my lowest low was 50, and my second lowest was 58. That's unusual for me.

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Bernard said...


Have you looked at It's a social networking site for folks with diabetes. It's not as good as meeting people in person, but it's still a very useful site with about 400 members at present. You might want to check it out.