Monday, June 11, 2007

IPORT, take 1

I put on the port too slowly, the tube (what are they called again?) got scrunched. It worked for about a day, hurt. The following morning I tried putting insulin in and my leg got wet wet wet, I put lantus in to see if it would get me a lantus sting and it didn't, so I took off the port. I've got a bruise there now. My mother is going to put my next port on me on Friday, since the plan is to put them on on Fridays and then be able to wear them for the whole weekend to make weekends a little more fun.
I learned that:
the tape itches a lot
it really is fun to inject as I go, course by course, instead of for the whole meal
doing a shot when I've had a day off really sucks. REALLY SUCKS.
I can sleep with a port on
when I eat an entire meal without getting insulin, my blood sugar can go up to 400 (boy was I surprised)
400 didn't even feel high- maybe I routinely go high for an hour after meals
I like wearing my diabetes.

I feel like I have a better idea about what pumping is like.

If the next port itches, that might be it for porting. I have sensory integration disorder, and that means that I'm terrible at ignoring itchy stuff.


Major Bedhead said...

Is it the tape on the port that itches? There are a few barriers that you can put down under the tape, I believe. I don't know if that would be any help or if it would just itch in a different way.

I don't have any sensory issues and I think constant itching would drive me around the bend.

Is it a cannula, the bit that stays in your body after you insert the port? That's what it's called on a pump site.

Jonah said...

Yeah, a cannula.
It's the adhesive bit that itched.
People with normal sensory integration can ignore mildly irritating sensations to the point that they don't feel them. I can't.