Monday, June 18, 2007

I-PORT, take 2

Friday morning, I cleaned off my stomach with soap and water, dried it carefully. Not sure that the soap was all off, rinsed and dried, rinsed and dried. Lay on the floor, showed my mother what I wanted done. Had a lot of difficulty relaxing because my stomach is the most sensitive part of my body. My mother inserted the I-PORT and it hurt a lot. I injected the Lantus and breakfast Novolog. The site hurt and hurt and hurt. My mother and I went shopping and my site hurt and hurt and hurt. After about four hours, it stopped hurting.
On Saturday, I couldn't really feel the port. When I injected my Novolog and Lantus in the morning, it kinda hurt, but shots during the day didn't. I played frisbee, ran around, had highs and lows, and it was a good day.
I stayed up all night of saturday into sunday, and I did about four injections overnight and they were fine.
Sunday, the breakfast Novolog shot hurt, and I injected the Lantus in my usual spot instead of into the port. Sunday at lunch, the Novolog shot hurt. Not the insertion of the needle- that was fine. It was pressing down to inject the Novolog, after the needle was inserted, that was agonizing. So I removed the Port after lunch.
The area was red, and the actual part that the cannula came out of was bruised and bled. The bruise was swollen. It still is. The cannula came out straight.
Next week I'm gonna try a spot that's not my tummy.

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River said...

I am considering the I-port. Would you recommend it or not? I'm newly on Symlin and also have to take Byetta and that will wind up being 5 shots a day (though 2 are with a pen). I have not had to inject myself before and am having a harder time dealing with it than I thought. What was your overall experience with the port? Are you still using it?