Sunday, March 01, 2015

7 Prescriptions And What Became of Them

I went to the endocrinologist recently and got six prescriptions:

  1. Novolin R, as usual. 
  2. 6 Relion Prime test strips per day- as usual.
  3. Syringes, for when I go off the pump, because the jet injector company appears to be out of business.
  4. Novolin N, to give a try.
  5. Glucagon, because the only ones I had were expired.
  6. Multiclix drums, because I ought to change my lancet every now and then.

Then I took the prescriptions to Walmart. Here's what happened:
  1. Insurance covered it but paid nothing. I paid $75 for three vials.
  2. Insurance denied saying I needed prior authorization for such a large number. Also, that step testing was required. Paperwork was faxed to the endo. Does this make sense? No, particularly not given that my plan's formulary specifically states that PAST six per day, prior authorization is needed. I did not fill this 'scrip
  3. Insurance covered but did not pay. So I bought just two boxes.
  4. Insurance covered but did not pay. I bought one vial for $25.
  5. The pharmacy had none in stock. As it turns out, insurance covers this and pays most of the cost, leaving me with $30 to pay should I ever fill the prescription.
  6. Insurance paid 100%. I paid nothing for lancets.
Somehow this whole business seems backwards to me. They'll pay for the glucagon and lancets, which I could arguably do without, but not the insulin, syringes, or test strips?

I also called Dexcom last week to ask about getting insurance coverage to buy a new system. They left me a voice mail message saying that it's covered and I just need to call them back and approve it. Of course, I want to know how much insurance would leave me to pay, given that it has covered but left me with the full cost of most of my prescriptions so far!

In other news, I am now eight and a half years past diagnosis. My eyes still see, my heart still beats, my kidneys are making urine aplenty, and my feet are both still attached. 

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