Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update on Me- Lots of Small Annoyances

 I got new glasses in June (I'm near sighted). My prescription changed a lot in one eye, and I decided I wanted totally new glasses. A couple of days after I got my new glasses, I walked past a door and did a double take- it looked totally warped into a C shape. When I looked at it head-on, it was fine. After that I couldn't stop noticing that everything in my peripheral vision was warped. I use my peripheral vision less than most people do (sensory processing dysfunction- had an OT work with me for a long time trying to get me to track things and look at things without turning my head- I feel safer when I don't see things in my periphery). I went to the optometrist, who did something to my glasses and told me to give it a few days. It's still just as bad.

A few days after I came from my vacation, I started walking into things a lot, and kept injuring myself. In one day, I racked up four scrapes, one bruise, and one burn. The rate of injury has dropped off since then but I'm not doing so great.

A week ago Friday, in the evening I wanted to lie on my side and tried to prop myself up with my left hand. There was an excruciating pain across the top of my hand and I fell. I thought it was yet another stupid joint issue and didn't think too much of it, tried to just use my right. Kept hurting the left everytime something bumped it. Monday night, the hand started feeling the way it did when I had an IV infiltrate- tingly and swollen. So on Tuesday I went to see an orthopedic surgeon, figuring I had a sprain or a fracture. But he took a look at my hand and said, "Interesting- this is acute tarsal carpel tunnel syndrome".  He says his tentative diagnosis is diabetic neuropathy with carpal tunnel syndrome. That is really depressing. I think he's wrong though- I wouldn't be surprised if I do have neuropathy (both  hands and feet have been tingling in a non-painful way) and there's clearly some nerve involvement. But it's the wrist that's really been hurting and it's across the top of my hand, and it's as much on both sides of the hand (thumbward and pinkieward) and plus, I'm only 23 years old.

I'm now wearing a splint and applying a topical NSAID. My Dexcom has been performing pretty erratically and I wonder if it's the NSAID, which is Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium topical gel). I'm having a little difficulty in doing shots- I can easily do an injection one-handed, the hard part is drawing up the insulin. And taking the caps off the syringe. Tips welcome.

I'm also having an issue with extreme, sporadic, dizziness. Like everything around me is spinning, but I'm not hypo.

Also, on Friday morning I woke up a little high (218 mg/dl) and tested urine ketones, which were moderate. I tested blood ketones and got a 2.0!!! Unfortunately the strip was a month past the expiration date and I don't have anymore of them, so I couldn't confirm or disprove the result. I took a lot of insulin for breakfast and supper, and my urine was ketone free by evening.

My computer, a little Eee PC, is also having some issues and was giving me blue screen deaths. It works okay as long as I keep it in safe mode (with networking) but the sound won't work and if I go out of safe mode, it restarts.

Despite all that, I'm feeling okay. Have been enjoying finding work arounds, but hoping to return to the state my body was in a month ago.

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