Monday, May 14, 2012

Gangsta Diabetes by Adam Cole

I first wondered what the lyrics were to this song more than three years ago, soon after it made its internet debut. I even wrote and asked what the lyrics were, didn't get a reply. My attempt at transcription is below the video. The song begins about 45 seconds in:

Type 1 diabetes mellitus

it goes

yo type 1 diabetes really does suck
takes the insulin right out of us
now there's way too much glucose and fatty acids
 in our blood from what the basal secretion
of what epinephrine and glucagon does

basal secretion y'all, that's the trick
when insulin's gone,
what's going on...

with insulin gone, glucagon got the Glock
it be popping and locking up to make it stop
so when in the liver glucagon
 turns a lot of things on
like ketone body synthesis and fatty acidation
fats burn down to acetyl CoA
which in the normal condition turns to the TCA [Kreb's Cycle]
but with insulin missing ya gotta find another way
to make ketones descend from the sexy bod-ay

yeah yeah right here angelina wiki wiki

glucagon isn't gone
there's two more on its list
like gluconeogenesis and glycogenolosis
making way more gluc than you need to exist
that's why type 1 diabetics have sugar in their piss

gluconeogeneis is also low acid
so using it up kills the TCA
to regress, it's a mess when acetyl CoA
don't have any other option than ketone bod-ays.

yo an maybe some other stuff, but like what's important is it forces it down

now listen, this gets tricky:

I think I know why,
with our insulin gone,
there's so many ketones and glucose inside our circula-shon
but there's another component I'll take a moment to address
our adipocytes think our body is under stress

with insulin gone, glut4's MIA
we really got basal glucose and glucose plasma in the brain
you know how many more glucose to make,
glycerol 3 phosphate
which adipocytes use to know our energy state

above it all cortisol kills neoglucogenesis
so without glycerol kinase we can't make that shit
now the adipocyte is out of glycerol 3p
so it's thinkin' that the body really needs energy

what, un, even though we're swimming in it.
Got all kinds of glucose
yeah right skeleton man

so even though we're swimming in glucose
from the basal secretion
keepin glucagon and epinephrine
I don't give a beatin
now epinephrine's a player, insulin's out of town
so we've got a bottle of henessy, with the hsl [hormone sensitive lipase]

hormo sensitive lipase, he's without insulin
cut and dry, got the drop on glyceride like oJ simpson
Adipocytes are really out of control
sending free fatty acids like there's no tomorrow

yeah, to the blood, what, that's a triple hit for them
they got no glucose, they got no glycerogenesis
it's over, ba bang, ba bang, ba boom, that's right, it's got nerve yall

to summarize, here goes

summarize, it's no surprise I'm pulling the rap
summing biochemistry like it was on tap
from the med school equations
but never hatin relatin
gotta examine the day but take time to keep ratin'

diabetes mellitus
everything is a miss
it's not just the disease that gives you sugar piss
it's the major terrain of a metabolic state
affectin' both fatty acids and carbohydrates

yo lame dance y'all what
 bring it

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