Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I called Minimed and a replacement receiver is 550, a replacement transmitter is 649. If you are a previous Guardian user, getting a new receiver and transmitter is 1199 dollars. If you then bought a box of four sensors, you'd be at the 1344 cited as the price of start up. But you could buy only 10 pack boxes.
I think I'm going with Dexcom anyways. I want less pain.

I talked it over with my mother. She thinks I should have my thyroid function retested, as I have a history of thyroiditis and thyroid dysfunction can mess up blood sugar. She agreed that, at least if this continues, she's willing to help pay for a CGMS for me.

So I'm thinking about whether I should go in soon to see the endo for a TSH. Maybe. I'm overdue to see my other doctor anyways, so maybe I'll ask her to run a TSH even though it's always been my endo who's done that.

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