Thursday, February 04, 2010

January Stats

Four Highest Highs: 344, 331, 314, 306
Four Lowest Lows: 31, 39, 42, 43
30-day average (n=50) on the last day of January: 142
Median daily Lantus dose: 10 units
Mean daily Lantus dose: 10.3 units
Range of Lantus doses: 8-16 units
Mean Novolog dose: 27 units
Range of Novolog doses: 11.5- 40 units
and just 'cause I was looking through what was on my calendar
Total number of bus rides: 47
Total number of train rides: 2
Total number of car rides: 7

Scariest story of the month: So, it was noon and my blood sugar was 220. I decided to take 3 units of correction, add that to 6 units for lunch (I use a 1:7 carb ratio), and to wait an hour or so to eat, in order to come down a bit before eating.
At 12: 45 I develop an excruciating stomach ache. At one, rocking and grimacing and biting myself, I check my blood sugar, and it is 120. I cannot eat; I am in too much pain.
I rock on the floor and breath in every calming way I know and hold poses and rock and rock and try to stand and fall. At some point, I feel prickles down my back and know that I have gone hypo, but I can't even stand and I really don't want to try eating. I spit and my stomach clenches as though I were going to vomit but I don't.
At 2:15, the pain suddenly goes away, leaving me exhausted. I check my blood sugar.
It is 31.
I've been a lot more cautious about prebolusing since then.

More triumphant story of the month: I got a second job, teaching after school chess, and so far my blood sugars have not been an issue and I am doing a good job of it. Yay!

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