Friday, July 11, 2008

Stupid Care Link

Every now and then, I use the Carelink (yes, I got the free USB one now- thanks for the tip). And then I get my reports. And then I get mad.

For one thing, the "target range" on the reports is always 70-140. Which has never, ever, been my target range. So while the Guardian itself on its screen shows me that I spent the day 95% in my target range of 65-155, the carelink report says that I spent a mere 77% of the day in their stupid target range of 70-140.
It also rounds numbers incorrectly, doesn't give me a useable data download, won't overlay more than two weeks' numbers, doesn't give any interactive data, and won't put the insulin, exercise, food or other marker onto the actual graph. I don't care when I was alarmed; I care about what I did.


Chris said...

I am curious. You stated "I got the free USB one now- thanks for the tip" I am wondering what is this tip you got for this free USB one? I am using carelink but have no adapter to wirelessly transmit the data.

Jonah said...

Todd commented here and told me: if you sign in (or sign up) on the website, there's a link to get a free Carelink USB if you live in the US.