Thursday, August 23, 2007

Endo Visit

I went to see my endocrinologist today.
I drank a lot of water before hand.
Went into the office, good news is that my weight has not gone down, is actually half a pound greater (which is about the same thing as no difference).
As I waited, I could hear the endo in the room next to me, pleading with the patient to please test her blood sugar just once per day.
He came into the room, asked me how I was doing. I told him my blood sugar was great but that I felt crappy. He showed me Calorie King, which he was very excited about. I told him about my recent insulin regimen, showed him my meters and a few charts about my overnight numbers. We talked about the accuracy of various meters, and I asked him how to cope with my meters, knowing that I'm gotten readings more than 30% high at times; should I assume that a meter that runs that much higher than reality is always reading at least a little high? He tells me no, I can't assume that.
He checks my reflexes, talks to me about how I'm doing in college, checks my blood pressure (110/70) and my pulse (68).
He does the A1cs with a venous blood draw rather than a finger stick. He draws the blood himself. This time he gets blood on the very first poke. Yes!
He asked me what I guess my A1c will be, and I, optimistically, guess 6.1%.
I tell him it depends on how much it's stacked towards recent readings; I've had fairly low numbers for about three weeks but ran high for about two weeks before that. He says that A1cs tend to go up much faster than they come down. I tell him I guess it will be between six and six and a half percent. I'm in my heart hoping for even lower, but wouldn't actually be surprised by upper sixes. My last two readings were 6.5% in January and 6.3% in May; I'll blog as soon as I have the results.

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